Your 10 step simple guide to creating super fast WordPress sites.

Nelson is a web developer, marketer and digital strategist and a KTC member

Speed is important online. Users are impatient and google ranks fast sites higher. WordPress sites can be slow but I have been working on improving the speed of my sites and I thought I would share my tips with the group.

1: Get a fast host. this review from a guy I trust could be very useful. Thank me later.
Use host who has a great unlimited reseller package. and Cloudways are recommended by a number of foreign friends. You’ll be good with a host with a built-in WordPress page caching which is super useful. Wpengine looks good but can be expensive.
2: Use a good theme. If it’s a one page site use, it is ultralight. If you need a menu and all the normal theme options use it is a nice clean theme. Both themes are free.
3: For designing your layout is really easy to use it does not seem to affect the site speed too much. And its free. I use Thrive Architect which is premium but meets my needs.
4: Use a cache plugin. You can use one of the many cache plugins out there. WP Super Cache There is loads available I would try first.
5: Use to merge your scripts (note some caches might do this for you). And to turn off other things in WP to improve your speed. Very very important.
6: Use to compress your images. It is free and great.
7: Do not install too many plugins or themes. If you no longer use a plugin or theme delete it.
8: If you site has global visitors use a CDN service. I prefer to use and also look good.
9: Do not use Facebook page embed, twitter embeds, youtube embeds etc they have a really high filesize and can really slow your page. Just use icons to link to social media.
10: Test the speed. I like google’s pagespeed insight or and remember to select a test server closest to your audience. is also very popular but some host says it requests a non cache version of the site so if you think it is showing a slow time make sure to try another speed test site like
Shared in a closed group I join. I’ve tweaked it to fit our needs here in the so-called sh*thole.
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