The Grand Finale- Code4Girls

Hip Hip Huraaaaaayyyyyy!!!!
The first cohort for Code4Girls is finally coming to an end. Code4Girls is a flagship program by HapaSpace (Hapa Foundation), sponsored by Google (CS4HS) to teach Senior High School Girls how to build websites with HTML and CSS. The focus is to teach 1000 girls in 10 senior high schools (girls only) in 4 regions of Ghana.

This kick-started on 4th August 2017 at the British Council Accra and hapaSpace office in Kumasi. Over 150 girls were trained in HTML and CSS on the 4th and 12th of August 2017. Thereafter, 2 teachers and 3 student volunteers were trained in each of the 10 participating schools in the 4 regions of Ghana. These trained volunteers are also training 100 girls in each school (1000 girls in all). The 6 months project culminates into a national competition for the 10 schools in January 2018.

Each school will choose 3 girls to represent them. The representatives will be given thematic areas to develop websites in. While the girls work on their projects, the panel of female judges will be awarding marks according to a criteria that will be shared at the beginning of the competition in Accra. It is going to be an exciting 8 hours in January 2018.

The schools involved in the project are Ahantaman Girls, Wesley Girls, Aburi Girls, St. Roses, St Louis, TI AMASS, St Monicas, Kumasi Wesley Girls, Holy Child, Kumasi Anglican.

Are you interested in supporting the competition in any way? Contact us @ or call 0200447661/ 0503567166

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