The ASK Series Professionalism and Ethics in the work environment

Change is a process, it starts with the right mindset and the activation of the will power. On Saturday 27th May 2017 the Ask Series took place at hapaSpace where participants shared their views and contributed to the topic at hand – Professionalism and Ethics in the Work Environment.

The Ask series is a peer mentoring and networking session. The program started with a humorous performance by Comedian David Aglah , breaking the ribs of the audience. Mr. Noel Francis Agodzo, Regional Administrator for the Judicial Service Centered his talk on integrity, explaining that it’s imperative to do the right thing. He went on to talk about ethics in the public sector and linked it to the policies that exist as well as the challenges of compliance by workers.

In his presentation, Mr Agodzo explained there are alternate solutions to corruption in the public sector, with willpower and the right mindset and readiness to stand for something which is noble, fair and equal for all, one will be helping with the corruption problems. He concluded that seeking knowledge will make individuals fit into a system, work efficiently in such a way that it will become difficult to engage in unacceptable behaviours.

Mrs. Raheemat Boamah Boakye,  Head of Cluster Head of Business at Access Bank Ghana PLC also stressed on integrity and Advocating for the right code of conduct most especially in the banking sector. She stated that the pressures that ladies face in trying to meet performance targets has led some to have affairs with some customers. Mrs Boamah Boakye concluded that, the bottom line for professionalism is hard work and good conduct.

Participants were allowed to ask questions after the presentations and the event ended with networking, snacks and photograph taking.