The 8th edition of Kumasi connect ‘The innovators brain with Dr Samuel Tinagyei’

On Thursday, 20 April, 2017, The Ghana think foundation initiative ‘Kumasi Konnect’, held its  8th edition of the quarterly programme at HapaSpace under the theme; The innovator’s brain harnessing the power of your brain to improve your business.

It started with a conversation on how our brain can be harnessed to help us as entrepreneurs and innovators. There were 42 participants in attendance. Miss Patricia Bonsu was the M.C for the event while Dr Samuel Tinagyei was the main speaker. Dr Samuel Tinagyei talked about the divisions of the brain, their importance and how they these parts work for us.

He talked about the evolutionary or linear thinking which is a concept or type of thinking that makes something appears faster, cheaper and easier to use. The next type of thinking was the dimensional or paradigm shift thinking which shows or bring something that is completely different or mile different in its being. The latter type is what makes the difference. The innovator must have this type of thinking.

He talked about the brain being made up of over 100 billion nerves that communicate in over trillions of connections. The structure presumably makes it possible for one to learn new skill a day for more than 100 years of lifetime and even have more to space to learn new skills.

To learn a skill requires consistent practice which triggers the neutral network to increase, providing long memory of the consistently practised skill hence making it easier to do the skill by default over a period of time. He talked about the forebrain, midbrain and hindbrain which are for; conscious taught or logical taught, temperature balance and memory, and reflex action respectively. An innovator must be able to take hold of the mid-brain and control it.

The prime time which is the time when a person’s memory could absorb much he states could be utilize
to our advantage if we could learn things at different time period to determine our prime time. At the end of the talk, the floor was open for questions, interaction after which there was a snacks &  networking session.

footage:  The Innovator’s Brain