TEDxAdum – Beyond the Talk; Now Watch the Doers

speakers7On Monday, June 20 2016, HapaSpace got the license to host TEDxAdum. A TEDx event is a local gathering where TED-like talks from people in the local community and videos previously recorded at TED conferences are shared. Though we had applied for a TEDxKumasi license, we were denied on the basis that we had to organize a couple of TEDx events (which meant that attendance shouldn’t be more than 100).

Preparations for our first TEDx event began two months to the proposed date. We first had to come up with a theme, potential speakers and then potential topics. Since we chose the theme, “Beyond the Talk; Now Watch the Doers”, we had to look out for potential speakers who we knew were “doing” something in their respective fields. Once we found the speakers, it wasn’t difficult to come up with suitable topics.

Since TED encourages diversity, we had to make sure we had a good mix of males and females; the young and the old; as well as multiplicity of backgrounds such as banking, theater, journalism, internet safety, education and health volunteerism.

You can find a list of the speakers, their profiles and the topics here.

Prior to the event on 24th September, we had to organize a series of rehearsal sessions with the speakers. This went in a long way to improve the quality of delivery of the speakers.

To cut a long story short, the first TEDxAdum on was well organized; attendance was great, speakers delivered excellently, timing was on point, etc.

What’s most important was that attendees were so impressed and inspired that they asked for another TEDx event. Unfortunately, the license entitles us to one event in a year. So, to all those who look forward to another TEDxAdum event from HapaSpace, stay tuned for another thought-provoking TEDx event next year.

To watch the TEDxAdum presentations, please click here.