Python for Beginners Training at hapaSpace

python-logo-master-v3-tmOn the 16th of July, hapaSpace played host to about forty young men and women who were eager to learn the programming language, Python.  The event which was largely sponsored by the Python Software Foundation began at 10:30am with the introduction of programming numbers and operators as well as other fundamental issues such as the use of Python in real-world situations.

After a snack break at about 11:40am, we returned to perform different operations with programming numbers. We moved on to strings, concatenation and writing simple codes.

Our Trainer

Our trainer, Andrew Lartey, who used to work with Kumasi Hive as the Programs Manager but now works with Nasara Tech in Accra, was very knowledgeable and helpful. About 95% of trainees were completely new to Python, so his ability to sustain the interests of the trainees was simply commendable. He was assisted by Albert Opoku.

Training Outcome and Next Steps

The program ended at around 3:30pm with majority of trainees excited about the new knowledge they had acquired. To further develop their knowledge in Python, they were encouraged to take free courses on CodeCademy and Edx.

Key Takeaways

Here are a few takeaways:

  • We were excited to get 8 females out of a total of 40 trainees  (that’s 20% female attendance). It tells us that we are getting more ladies interested in tech
  • 99% of attendees had laptops. This made the whole training very engaging, practical and hands-on.
  • More young people are getting eager to learn coding even though they have no computer science background


As resources allow, hapaSpace will continue to host more of such events to expose young people to different programming languages.



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