Outcome of the First Kumasi IT Community Meetup at hapaSpace

One of the key goals of the founders of hapaSpace; a co-working space in Kumasi, Ghana  that offers shared office and events spaces is to build the Kumasi IT (Technology) community. Thus, the hapaSpace team started a WhatsApp group made up of only IT professionals in the city. The group currently has 165 members and allows only tech based discussions with a strictly enforced policy of NO religious or political discussions. The Whatsapp group has been a success so far and this motivated the hapaSpace team to start a monthly meetup of IT professionals in Kumasi.

The first of these meetups was on 23 April 2016 . Twenty IT professionals ranging from programmers, graphic designers, website developers, software developers, networking and hardware experts met at hapaSpace (see pictures below). Albert Opoku a co-founder of hapaSpace opened the meet-up and moderated the sessions.

After introductions by each person in attendance, Albert and Samuel Aboagye (another co-founder) asked the attendees to share with all who were present any idea they wanted to collaborate with others on and turn into a startup project. Six key ideas were agreed upon; there were:

  1. An idea to develop an educational ‘logo like’ toy set controlled by an Andriod app for children.
  2. An idea to use technology to improve reading habits.
  3. An idea to make the cost of finding space to rent cheaper and convenient for prospective tenants and property owners.
  4. Another idea of developing a ‘pay per view’ mobile television for sports enthusiasts.
  5. An Africa ‘iTunes’ idea.
  6. And an idea to build an app for health professionals.

The attendees deliberated the ideas and agreed on which of them they wanted to be part of. Each idea subsequently had 3 or 4 members ready to explore it further. These smaller idea groups will have their own Whatsapp groups with the same guiding rules as the main Whatsapp group but mainly to facilitate collaboration between the 3 or 4 individuals working on the idea. Each group will also have a one-day weekly pass to use hapaSpace for their meetings if they wish to meet physically.

Subsequent meetings of all 165 members of the core Whatsapp group will be on the third Saturday of each month at 2pm at hapaSpace. Contact the hapaSpace team, if you are an IT professional who is based in Kumasi and wants to be part of the Kumasi IT Community. You can also sign up for the next meetup which comes off on Saturday 21st May 2016.