Open Office – GHS 150 Per Month

This membership is ideal if you want Hapa Space to be your full time office but prefer to use the open office.  For GHS 150 per month, you will have 7AM – 5PM access to Hapa Space every working day (Monday – Friday) . You can use any open desk (or “hot desk”).  Hot desks are unassigned and available for ad-hoc usage on a first come, first serve basis.


  1. 5GB of internet data per month
  2. Use of eating area
  3. Use of meeting room to meet with clients.
  4. Use the training/events space at 10%  discount fee.
  5. Free access to projector
  6. Access to all Hapa Space events
  7. Access to scanner, printer, and other office amenities (per-page print fees apply.)

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