National Geographic Society: Seeking Applications for Standard Grant Program

Deadline: 1 July 2017
The National Geographic Society is seeking applications for its Standard Grant Program to award grants for research, conservation, education, and storytelling through its Committee for Research and Exploration.
National Geographic Society grant-funded projects should be bold, innovative, and transformative.
The National Geographic Society is a nonprofit scientific and educational organization dedicated to exploring our planet, protecting wildlife and habitats, and helping assure that students in K-12 are geographically literate.
Three Lenses
  • The Human Journey: The Human Journey supports projects that explore and document the human experience through time to preserve and celebrate shared heritage.
  • Wildlife and Wild Places: Wildlife and Wild Places supports projects that explore and document the Earth’s biodiversity to better understand and conserve species, habitats, processes, and ecosystems (marine and terrestrial).
  • Our Changing Planet: Our Changing Planet supports projects that explore and document Earth and ocean systems in the present, past, and future to better understand and protect the evolving environment.
Funding Information
Standard Grant: Typically up to US $30,000
Project Focus
  • Research
  • Conservation
  • Education
  • Storytelling
  • Technology
Eligibility Criteria
  • National Geographic welcomes applications from around the world, and specifically encourages applicants from outside the United States to apply.
  • Applicants planning to work outside of their home country should include at least one local collaborator on their team.
  • The Committee will not usually consider applications that support strictly laboratory or collections work.
  • Grants are awarded on the basis of merit and exist independent of the Society’s other divisions.
How to Apply
Applicants can apply via given website.
For more information, please visit National Geographic Society.