Meet Team hapaSpace -Alichie,the lady who wonders why her name is long

Meet Team hapaSpace this week gets closer to Miss Alice Nhyira Adomako-Appiagyei, the administrator for both Hapaweb/Hapaspace.

hapaSpace: Hello Alice, How are you? 

Alice: Am great

hapaSpace: Your Full Name?

Alice: hmmm, Alice Nhyria Adomako-Appaigyei, wait before you even ask, I myself always wonder why my name is long like that, hahaha

hapaSpace: hahahahhahahahhahah, I was not going to ask but that is a good one there.

Alice: Do you know my Italian name is Alichie?

hapaSpace: woow nice one there you have really researched about yourself, that is nice. Now please tell us something everyone wants to know about you

Alice: eiiiii how will I know what everyone wants to know?

hapaSpace: okay, describe yourself in four sentences?

Alice: ermmmm,

  1.  Am single and still searching (please menkase fawo proposal letter bra, twen ansa)
  2. I like reading a lot about health
  3. I love Beading on my free time and I love my number one Madam Lilian Opoku (Mrs.) she thought me how to bead
  4. I love beautiful colours

hapaSpace: hahahahhahahahha eiiiii, Sister Alice, you have a great sense of humour, tell us your favourite bible quotes?

Alice: These are my favourites quotes from the Bible; Genesis 4:7- “If you do well, will you not be accepted”? I believe if we do well everywhere and every time, we will be accepted.

Luke 6:31- “Do to others as you would have them do to you”, I have five ways I explain this quotation:

  1. If you want others to respect you please respect them first
  2. Do good to others and you will get it back
  3. Treat others well and they will treat you well
  4. Have a genuine heart and you would be surrounded by genuine people
  5. If you want to discipline others please discipline yourself first

hapaSpace: These are some great bible verses and advises, your final words Alice?

Alice: Let us not deceive ourselves in this world, what you give out is what you get back. Also, Please remember whenever you come over to hapaspace leave a good name behind.

Before I forget please, I have one wish for hapaspace and Hapaweb, who can guess? If your guess is right you will get 1 GB of Data from hapaSpace at hapaSpace.

hapaSpace: woooow, 1GB Data for getting right your wish, am I qualified to guess?

Alice: No

hapaSpace: Thank you so much the lady with the longest name who wonders why…


Thank you all.


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