Gideon, The Action Man on Meet Team hapaSpace Segment

Meet Mr Gideon Brefo the programes Lead and Interim Space Manager at hapaSpace, on our first “Meet Team

Mr Gideon Brefo

hapaSpace” session.

Gideon has worked with groups from over 7 countries and several multinational establishments such as the British Council, Expresso Telecom and Indego Africa. He has facilitated many international programs including the Rockefeller ICT employability skills for the disadvantaged in Ghana and the Indego Africa Corporate training.

He is passionate about education and has worked with over 42 senior high schools and universities to develop IT enabled teaching methods. As a business owner, entrepreneur and motivational blogger, he devotes his CSR to volunteer teaching at schools.

He has successfully built and co-founded Hapaweb Solutions ad hapaSpace which drives the Kumasi entrepreneurial ecosystem with technology, innovation and synergy.

At hapaSpace, Gideon is the ‘Action Man.’ He pushes all the operational projects and make sure they are well implemented. In fact, he spends our money in that sense.


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