Kumasi WordPress First MeetUp

Mr. Martin Adusei

WordPress, since it’s existence have made the life of the web design beginners to the experts a lot easier. As easy to use as it might be; a good knowledge of how the web works, servers  as well as technologies behind the system gives an edge over technicalities that may occur in the future.

The Kumasi WordPress Community, under the auspices of hapaSpace met on the 13th of January to share ideas and thoughts on how to practically speed up a WordPress website using plugins and other technical methods.
 Mr. Martins Adusei the resource person provided more insight to the reason why your WordPress website could become slow. He explained, it could be; how large the size of the image is, server errors, server configurations, the type of plugins used, kind of theme used, updates of WordPress, Plugins and themes and so much more.
Find below a seven(7) pointer on how to speed up your WordPress website shared by Mr. Adusei:
1. Delete any unused plugins and themes.
2. Ensure that everything is up to date, i.e WordPress itself, themes and plugins.
3. Use https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/ to check the speed of your website. Use the feadback to improve your site. Note that even www.google.com does not score 100, so aim for 70.
4. You can use the W3 Total Cache plugin (https://wordpress.org/plugins/w3-total-cache/) to solve a number of the issues that will be reported by Google Insight.
5. Large images make you site slow, before you upload any image onto your website use an image optimizer to reduce the size without compromising quality. I usually use this – http://www.imageoptimizer.net/Pages/Home.aspx
6. If you already have images uploaded into your website, you can use the EWWW Image Optimizer plugin (https://wordpress.org/plugins/ewww-image-optimizer/) to optimise these images already on the website.
7. In relation to point 4. For those who are lazy or who can not configue W3 Total Cache, they can download Albert Opoku’s settings via https://goo.gl/uVazsK and upload into theirs.
A Cross section of the WordPress Community Members
Mr. Adusei Leading the discussion at the Kumasi WordPress MeetUp