Kumasi Entrepreneurs First Meet-Up/Dressing For Success

Kumasi Entrepreneurs Community had their first meetup in collaboration with The Fabulous Woman Network on Thursday the 19th of January, 2018.  Even though this was the first meetup of the year, it was well attended by both men and women; there were 22 men and 35 women in attendance. The program also had fashion companies exhibit their items.

The topic for discussion was Dressing for success a series under the StartUp 101 business programs of The Fabulous Woman Network. The resource persons for the programs were Miss Akuvi Ajabs, a Fashion Entrepreneur and Confidence Promoter and Mr Samuel Duncan, a Male Grooming Coach and Banker.

In their presentation, Miss Akuvi and Mr. Duncan made known these facts about personal styling that both men and women need to know take seriously to succeed:

  • Being fit and healthy is essential for looking good and great
  • Impressions are as important as expressions
  • Dressing and looking smart is not expensive; selective thrift shopping is the secret
  • Prepare what you will wear in advance for any event you have to attend.
  • Your appearance plays a role in the success of a meeting and the connections you make
  • overall do not underestimate the power of first impressions; dressing for success affects how people perceive you
  • Dress to Win

Please watch the full video of the event here.

Sponsors for the program were:
Corporate Training Solutions
Reaga Right Media Production
Dom 21

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Mr. Duncan and Ms Akuvi