Kumasi Entrepreneur Meetup May 2016 – How to Improve Service Quality Delivery to Sustain Your Business

Yet another fantastic meetup at the HapaSpace. Every Second Thursday of the month is the Entrepreneurs Meetup. We had about 31 members showing up for this month’s meetup. Where were you?

Guest Speaker: James Antwi-Adjei (Cluster Business Manager- UT Bank)

Topic: How to Improve Service Quality Delivery to Sustain Your Business

Gideon Brefo (Hapaweb Solutions) welcomed all and gave a little intro as to why the meetups are organized; members meet to connect and leverage on individual talents and resources to promote their business. Members took turns to introduce themselves and the business they do.

James’ presentation was brilliant (to say the least). He is indeed a seasoned speaker and a motivational icon. He gave a simple mathematical equation that sums the whole presentation.



QS= Quality Service Delivery

P= Performance

E= Customer Expectations

Quality Service should be measurable. Hence, there should be a means to measure company/ corporate performance and what customers expect the company to deliver to them by way of service or products. According to his presentation, the following are the pointers to measure performance.

  • Reliability
  • Assurance
  • Tangibles
  • Empathy
  • Responsiveness

Well, the entrepreneur should not neglect his staff in the performance measurement. Employees are customers and need to be satisfied with their expectations. If not, quality employees would walk away from the company and sorely affect the sustenance of our business.