Internet of Skies – aka Drones

Following the success of the topic, Internet of Things, that was treated in August, participants were eager to take part in September’s tech meetup which had the topic: Taking IOT to the Skies (aka Drones). Even before the meetup, we had discussed bits and pieces of the topic on the Kumasi Tech Community Whatsapp platform.

Internet of Skies - aka Drones

The real event took place on the 10th of September, 2016. The first half of the event was a presentation I did on the topic. After refreshing our minds on IOT trends, I pointed to a blog post on, written by Libby Clark on February 18, 2015. In that post, Libby recounted how Wired Magazine Editor Chris Anderson had an “Aha” moment about ‘democratizing’ drones. She went on to talk about Droncode, an open source platform for drone development. What was of particular interest in the post was the last paragraph:

“Drones aren’t just drones anymore,” said Anderson who envisions a cloud of autonomous sensors in the sky, collecting information and effectively digitizing the physical world.  “Drones are sensors in the sky. Drones are big data. Drones are ways to send the Internet into the skies.” 

I then showed short clips of what the biggest tech companies are doing with drones. From Google to Amazon to Facebook. These are amazing videos that demonstrate what can be possible with drones.

Lastly, we looked at how drones are being used in Ghana. Particular reference was made to AeroShutter, which was featured by CCTV Africa in February 2015.

During the discussion session, it turned out that not only AeroShutter was using drones in Ghana for commercial photography, but a number of professional photographers were doing that as well.

Concerns were raised about security, privacy and lack of laws to control drone use. In the end, we came to the conclusion that since drones are a new phenomenon in Ghana, it would take a while to have the legislation in place.