Hapaweb and hapaSpace team attend Digify Byte Lagos

On Tuesday 5th July 2016, Gideon Brefo representing Hapaweb and Albert Opoku representing hapaSpace were in Lagos  attending the Digify Byte event there. Fiyin Williams and Andrea Chymdii, the two trainers for the day were very impressive. They had a good understanding of the content and their facilitation skills made the program lively and engaging.
 The event gave them first-hand experience on the Digify Bytes training style and to position Hapaweb Solutions and hapaSapce to be well prepared to run similar projects in Ghana.
In the coming month’s,  Hapweb Hapaspace plan to run a digital job training at hapaSpace in Kumasi. The hapa team  currently have more than  200 young people who have already signed up for the training.