hapaMoments with Mr Gideon Brefo; The era of Digital Marketing (DM)

hapaSpace had its first twitter chat on 1st February 2018 in their new online series program called hapaMoment. hapaMoment will be a monthly engagement online via our Facebook and twitter pages alternatively promoting our community members and their businesses, as well as discuss technological business topics.

Our first hapaMoment was with Mr. Gideon Brefo, co-founder of hapaSpace to discuss the era of Digital Marketing. Find below some tips on the chat, you can visit our twitter page using the hash tags #hapaMoments #KEC #KTC to learn more.

Digital Marketing (DM) it is a means of promoting a business, product or service using digital technologies. These technologies in several ways can be used;

  1. Internet: Websites, Social media, Display ads, SEOs, etc
  2. Mobile phones: Bulk SMS, etc

What does one need to know before they can market digitally?

Basically, DM (Digital Marketing) is supposed to engage customers more and be more interactive. So if one wants to us DM, they should set aside time or devote resources to follow up with prospective customers that show interest.

Truthfully, DM demands a lot of time whether you go by the paid or the free.

  1. you can lose a lot of money if you don’t have the time to launch the right campaign.
  2. you need a lot of time to constantly update your information to gain the right traction

Note, you may not always have to pay to do DM. You can simply start by;

  1. setting aside time to Twit comes free
  2. opening an FB page and updating it daily is free
  3. blogging on Free blogging sites is free
  4. WhatsApp message blasting comes free

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