Green Ghanaian Initiatives (GGI) Road Show – Kumasi Edition @ HapaSpace

The average Ghanaian is bereft of any knowledge of climate change and global warming. There is therefore, the need for concerted global and regional efforts in addressing this problem because of its transboundary nature. There is an urgent need to expedite action in building a firm, legal and institutional framework to address these challenges of adaptation and mitigation.
Green Ghanaian Initiatives (GGI) is building a community of practice in Ghana by providing the youth with tools to become change makers, including the use of social media: blogging at the resource hub, establishing personal and professional blogs, Twitter, Facebook page, etc., development of infographics for easy information sharing, use of traditional media, and development of other advocacy tools.
Green Ghanaian Initiative Roadshow
Our  target audience is tertiary students, lecturers and professionals.
The Kumasi edition of the roadshow was held at HapaSpace, Adum on Saturday 12th Novemebr, 2016. The content of the event was as follows:
– Climate Change in Ghana, what the youth can do
– Digital Media for civic engagement
– Introduction of Green Ghanaian Initiative’s Online Resource Centre
Inspired environmental activists
– Social media engagement with GGI’s accounts
This post was sent in by the team lead of GGI, Rachel Hormeku