Face to Face with IBM


This past Saturday, we hosted Joseph Sam, the Offering Manager for IBM West Africa Region. It was an eye-opening moment for all event attendees – developers and non-developers alike.

The purpose of the event was to learn about IBM’s platform for developers. Our guest, who is based in IBM’s office in Lagos, started off with what it takes to build a commercially relevant and innovative platform. He indicated that great apps are built on robust and versatile platforms and IBM’s platform, Bluemix, has all the essential ingredients for building great apps.

5 Key Takeaways from Face to Face with IBM

  1. IBM has completely shifted its focus from building hardware to building software. Its core services are now: Cloud, Analytics, Mobility, Security and Social. A recent addition to their services is Marketing and Commerce
  2. IBM is making revolutionary in-roads in cognitive computing with Watson, an AI system which has many applications in medicine, business, security, communication, mobile, media,etc.
  3. IBM’s Bluemix platform, is set to disrupt the way developers build apps. The good news is that, even non-developers can create mobile apps without learning any coding.
  4. IBM has more U.S patents than any other company for 22 years
  5. IBM loves Mac!

After the event, participants were more particularly fired up to try out the Bluemix platform. Resources were also shared to aid in the learning process.