Django Girls Kumasi – Python Training

On Saturday, April 22, 2017, hapaSpace played host to about 35 women who were eager to learn the programming language, Python.  The event which was largely sponsored by the Python Software Foundation began at 8:30am with a good breakfast and registration. It as also sponsored by Hapa Foundation and Hapaweb Solutions.

Django Girls is an initiative that is aimed at introducing women who have never coded before to the world of technology and increase the diversity within the industry. The Kumasi Django girls training was organised for the ladies to learn how to build a website using Python and Django in a safe, friendly, inclusive environment.

By 9:30am the stage was set for the training to begin. Installation of all software had already been done a few days ahead of the training for a number of participants. By 10:am the installation of Python, setting up virtualenv , installing Django and a text editor had been completed and everyone was good to go.

The whole training was built on the Django Girls training curriculum. The training started with an introduction to the Command Prompt and usage of common commands, HTML and CSS. This was followed by a session on Python. This session covered how to use the Python console as well as an introduction of programming types such as numbers, strings, booleans and operators.

After a lunch at about 1:40am, the next session focused on using the Django framework. The goal of this session was to train the ladies on how to build a working web application and deploy it to the internet.

Trainer and Coaches

The training was led by Albert Opoku, a web developer at hapaSpace, along with 10 volunteer coaches from the Kumasi Tech Community. There was one coach at each table with 3 or 4 ladies. The success of the training was largely due to the hard work of the coaches. They supported and really inspired the ladies throughout the training.

Training Outcome and Next Steps

The program ended at around 6:00pm with the majority of trainees excited about the new knowledge they had acquired. At the end of the day, we had achieved our main purpose, which as was not to turn the ladies into programmers in one day, but rather to use the Django Girls framework to get the ladies excited about coding and show them how much fun it is to build something.

Key Takeaways

Here are a few takeaways:

  • In our very first Python training in Kumasi in 2016. There were only 8 females out of a total of 40 trainees in attendance. Thus, this was a massive improvement. It is proof that our efforts to encourage more ladies into tech is gradually bearing fruits.
  • Every single participant came with a laptop, another improvement over our previous programming programmes. This made the whole training very engaging, practical and hands-on.
  • The ladies were excited to learn how to code even though they have no computer science background.
  • There is a lot of work to be done in Kumasi to build a community of highly skilled programmers and developers.


As resources allow, hapaSpace will continue to host more of such events to expose young people to different programming languages.