Code4girls Supplementary training

The Code4girls project seeks to train girls in 12 senior high schools across in basic computer programming.  The project is an initiative of Hapa Foundation and is sponsored by Google through the Google Computer Science 4 Senior High Schools (CS4HS) programme. The focus for 2017 is to train senior high school girls in HTML and CSS.

The first phase seeks to train 36 girls from 12 senior high schools as ICT club champions and 36 teachers as ICT club mentors. The student club champions will lead training in their respective schools for 1800 girls within the 2016/ 2017 academic year. On 8th and 12th August 2017, the first set of these series of training came off at the British Council in Accra. The participanting schools were xxxx.


The  a first complete training in HTML and CSS which took place both in Accra and Kumasi. British council and hapaspace respectively.

On the 12th of August 2017 the second complete training in HTML and CSS was organized for different set of girls in senior high school at the same venues. The second session trained over 300 senior high school students because of the impact the training had during the first session.