Code4Girls Project Kicks of At British Council office, Accra & hapaSpace, Kumasi

It is amazing to see people showing interest in things that are not usually associated with them. Computer programming is one field of study that has long been dominated by men. In Ghana, it sounds strange in most communities to hear of a female computer engineer, programmer or hacker.

Fourth and twelve of August 2017 was one of the life changing moments for some ladies in this field of study. Under the Code4Girls project (a local name given to the implementation of the Google’s Computer Science for High Schools [CS4HS] by the Hapa Foundation), about 110 girls were introduced to using HTML and CSS to develop websites. They were excited and motivated to try coding. Most of the girls have always avoided coding because they thought it was overly difficult and demanding. Find below some of the excitements shared by some of them.

“I have never felt so good about myself. I could launch a page with my own picture and some CSS styled designs….I am a programmer!”

“I am super excited about this. It is going to be my leisure game.”

“My girls came home and were like they are going to build a family website. Thanks so much for the opportunity.”

Apart from the introductory trainings that were done during the vacation, 100 girls will be trained in each of the 10 selected Girls schools to participate in the project. These schools include;

  1. Ahantaman Girls
  2. Wesley Girls
  3. Holy Child School
  4. Aburi Girls
  5. St Roses
  6. Kumasi Wesley Girls
  7. St Louis
  8. St Monicas
  9. TI Amass
  10. Kumasi Anglican

The project seeks to achieve the following benefits in relation to the participating schools.

  1. Supplement what is taught in class on HTML, CSS and Website design
  2. Bring the ICT course to live by helping each participating student to develop her own website in a predetermined thematic area by the end of the project
  3. The intra-school competition motivates students to learn and implement what they study

We are hoping to get sponsorship to run a national competition at the end of the project. We are looking for 12 companies to pay the girls from these schools to develop their websites for them (Thanks to a friend who suggested this idea).