Meet Team hapaSpace- Mr Ben Nimako

Meet Mr. Ben Nimako, the external relationships leader at hapaSapace. Here are tit bits about who he is:

  • Microsoft and Comptia Certified Systems professional with more than a decade of experience across multiple private organizations locally and overseas.
  • Solid yet ever growing technical knowledge balanced with an emphasis on positive customer service
  • Establish strong and healthy relationships with all cultures, age groups, professional and non-professional colleagues.
  • An entrepreneur with interests that range from technology to agriculture.
  • Lover of nature, arts and cultural displays.
  • Enjoys reading at leisure and enjoy the company of friends and family.
  • He is grateful if he can help.

There you have it, the personality of Ben. Read, share and Comment.

Mr. Ben Nimako – External Partnerships Lead


Father, husband, IT systems consultant, entrepreneur, loves, fan of books but hardly have the time to read them.